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Welcome to My World:

Embarking on a journey that weaves through the realms of fashion design to the vivid landscapes of photography, I've discovered that the pursuit of creativity is not just about following a passion but about embracing every moment with joy and fulfillment.  

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Say Hello to Moro 🤗

Groucho Marx, one of my favorite American comedians, actors, writers and singers, once conveyed,

"If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong,"

a philosophy that reflects my approach to both business and life.


Style, Imagery, and Societal Interaction

In Fashion

A fashion designer by profession and a storyteller at heart, I embarked on this journey as a graduate of Fashion Design. I've adorned countless bridal and eventful evenings with my accessory line, which found a successful niche on Etsy.

In Photography

In 2005, my photography journey started when Amazon featured my scarves with live models. Encouragement from my business partner led me to embrace fashion photoshoots, capturing elegance and grace.

The Unifying Thread

Photography is the link that unites my creative endeavors, transforming Moro Design Studio into a sanctuary where various art forms converge. Through the lens, I capture the delicate balance of fleeting moments and eternal beauty.

My Educational Journey

My educational journey reflects my passion for creativity and experimentation in the arts through studies in Fashion Design, Clothing Technology, Event Management, Show Business, and Graphic Art & Design.

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