LEISURE FIT MODELS group is a CLUB or a CREATIVE STUDIO, not as just a modelling school or modeling agency.

Join our exclusive club and creative studio to unlock your modeling potential and embark on an exciting journey in the fashion industry
Training and Experience

Making a mark in this fast-paced industry requires more than just a striking appearance. LEISURE FIT MODELS offers a comprehensive training program that equips you with essential skills to shine both on and off the runway. Our experienced team trains you in runway and photo modeling, basic choreography, gymnastics movements, and even the art discerning makeup and hairstyling.

We provide ample opportunity for practical experience in modeling, acting, and performing, honing your talents and promoting your professional growth.

Exclusive Perks

Imagine attending exclusive Fashion Week parties and events, rubbing shoulders with the fashion industry's elite, and learning from renowned fashion models, modeling business coaches, and photographers. Top this off with the cherry of ATHLEI VIVA activewear, and you get an enviable package of perks that enhances your overall modeling experience and helps you build valuable social and professional networks.

The benefits of being a part of the LEISURE FIT MODELS team extend beyond training and skill development.

Career Development

We provide opportunities for expanding your blogging and photography skills, gaining hands-on experience in front of camera, and even earning a decent amount of money through our network contracts. Our models also participate in events organized by the MORO DESIGN STUDIO, gaining exposure and expanding their horizons. These experiences lay a robust foundation for your modeling career, propelling you towards bigger opportunities in the future.

The LEISURE FIT MODELS team isn't just about building models; it's about shaping careers.

Begin your journey with LEISURE FIT MODELS -

where fashion meets athletic and creativity finds its community, where empowerment meets inspiration, where we are not only raising standards, we are creating them.

We welcome collaborations with photographers, excited by the potential of athleisure and interested in contributing to our distinctive visual narrative.

Clear, captivating photography is key to making the leap from concept to reality and weaving the threads of athleticism, dance, and fashion into a compelling story.