LENA MORO- Founder and Creative Director

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  • Lena Moro is the driving force behind Moro Design Studio, where she brings her impressive background in fashion and event management to her role as Founder and Creative Director. She honed her skills through education at the State College of Technology and Design and continued her studies in event management and show business at Kiev National University of Culture and Arts.

    Before immigrating to the United States in 2004, Lena successfully operated a clothing company in Ukraine for seven years. In the US, she has focused her expertise on developing exquisite special occasion accessories such as high-fashion silk scarves, which enjoy worldwide recognition and sales.

    With over three decades of experience in the fashion industry, she excelled as a designer and fashion photographer.

    As a proud Ukrainian, Lena remains devoted to supporting her home country by leveraging her connections in the American and Ukrainian apparel industry. Collaborating in her studio with talented Ukrainian designers and artists, she aims to open up new opportunities for Ukrainian fashion talents and manufacturers.