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Welcome to Lena Moro's Fine Art Portrait Photography



we believe in the power of capturing more than just an image. We specialize in creating visual masterpieces that breathe life into visions, emotions, and states of mind. Our artistry goes beyond mere photography; we transform concepts that reside in the depths of your imagination into tangible works of art.

Lena Moro's fine art photo showcases a smiling mature woman with flowers in a soft, natural brown color palette
A fine art portrait photograph is crafted with the intention of becoming a piece of wall art, often referred to as "décor photography" or "photo décor." This style of photography diverges from documentary-style photojournalism, where the aim is to capture subjects and events to portray reality.

The goal of fine-art photography is to express


Whether it's capturing your personal charm, the joyous innocence of your children, the storied lines on your parents' faces, or the furry companionship of your dogs and cats – we are committed to transforming your narrative into exquisite pieces of art. Cherish the moments in refined elegance.

Our distinctive attributes

  • Unique Selling Proposition: We specialize in creating portraits that transcend time and exude cultural richness. Our approach combines creativity, cultural heritage and cinematic glamor to create unique, captivating portraits that capture the essence of each person's story.
  • Unveiling Essence and Individuality:
    We intricately fine-tune lighting, orchestrate backgrounds, and perfect poses to unveil not just images, but the very spirit of our subjects. Each portrait by Lena Moro is not just a picture, but a uniquely tailored story unveiled.

Services Offered:

Personalized Photo Sessions

Delve into a session that's designed around you – because your story is one-of-a-kind.

Customized Packages

From single portraits to family chronicles, select a package that best fits your narrative.

Expert Photo Editing

Every detail honored, every color adjusted to perfection to reflect the true essence of your portrait.

Special Location Shoots

Choose a location with sentimental value or scenic charm to add another layer to your story.

Themed Sessions

From vintage elegance to contemporary chic, pick a theme that resonates with your personal style.

Digital Oil Painting -

Transform Your Photos into Masterpieces

At Moro Design Studio, we bring the revolutionary blend of traditional artistry and contemporary digital techniques to life. Our Digital Art service turns your cherished photographs into luxurious oil style paintings.

Pricing and Special Offers:

  • Standard Digital Artwork: accessible price, this one-time fee invites you to witness the magic of your personal stories turning into visual poetry.
  • Exclusive Photo Session Offer: Have a photo session with us, and receive one image transformed into a digital oil painting at no additional cost.
  • Lena Moro Photo Session Client Exclusivity: Further images from the same session are eligible for a generous 50% discount on your photo-to-painting conversion.