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Planting Peace with Glorious Roses - MORO DESIGN STUDIO

Planting Peace with Glorious Roses

Get ready for bloomin' good time this summer at the Russian Cultural Garden of Cleveland!
Last Saturday, we took on the challenge of spring garden cleaning at our Russian Garden.
Getting our hands dirty while enjoying some fresh air gave us the perfect excuse to get those bodies moving after sitting in the office all week. Letting the sunshine hit our faces and freeing our minds from the stuffy office, we worked hard and dirty to give our blossoms the love they deserved. In the end, all our hard work paid off as we gazed upon our just planted glorious roses.
And also, please look out the Russian Garden signature umbrellas with our powerful statement of support for Ukraine. Because at Cleveland Russian Garden, we don't just plant flowers, we plant peace.~Peace out!~  

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